Auto Insurance

Auto, Truck & Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Tucson

As a Tucson auto insurance leader since 1963, The Insurance House offers many types of coverage, including liability, collision, rental reimbursement, and even vehicle replacement.

Because we’re licensed in multiple states and even have coverage for travel across the border into Mexico, we provide coverage for many long-haul truckers, moving companies, and towing outfits. For such enterprises, we also offer cargo coverage. Whether you need general or specialty freight coverage, we have what you need. We also provide truck coverage for independent drivers, as well as owner/operators that lease themselves out to trucking fleets. In addition, we also secure your federal and state filings to ensure your compliance.

We offer discounts for multiple policies as well as specialty coverage for vehicles other than trucks and cars:

  • Motorcycles
  • Motor Homes
  • Classic Cars
  • Motorsports Equipment
  • ATVs

Whether you represent a large trucking business or you’re an individual car owner, we consider all our customers a priority, and you’ll be able to tell. When you call us, we’ll actually answer, in person, ready to find out how we can serve you.

If you’re interested in getting new Tucson auto insurance, call The Insurance House today, for a free quote.